We are securi-vie, an association of six primary and secondary schools with the collective objective of saving at least one life.


               The four schools taking part in securi-vie are :

                          Lycée La Providence à Blois (41 France)

              Collège Saint Georges à Salbris (41 France)

             Collège Saint Francois de Sales à Gien (45 France)

             Ecole primaire « Les grands jardins » à Aubigny sur Nère (18 France)


§      Our objectives :

·                  Allowing students to invent and create.

·         Creating an active sense of road safety, from the beginning

           of primary school to the end of secondary school.

·         Integrating road safety into school programs.

·         Organising public actions towards road safety in schools .

·         Creating the first worldwide school network on road safety.


Trip in 2013 to the Automobile Museum and Showroom in New York, America, to organise a future participation there and to reward the hard working students of our association.