After study of road accidents, a report supported rapid deceleration avoid the risk of pile.

The driver of the follower vehicle brakes sharply, will be notified as soon as the maneuver. His reaction time is shorter, it is more likely to avoid the vehicle, so the pile.


A deceleration sensor triggers the lock during sudden braking and violent.

Flashing to indicate the dangerous followers of the maneuver.

Throughout the braking, the flashing will continue.

After that, it will work again and show a normal brake light fixed.

Industrial version:

The legislation allows for blinking stoplight central vehicles. So we use the center stop lamp to indicate the dangerous maneuver.

As a housing, it is installed in the trunk of the vehicle and fixed to the frame.

Invention awareded in November 2002 by a gold medal awarded at the Concours brussels EUREKA inventors in the Security category